-01,008801 rate increased, please check and update-23feb2018,(old 22jan2018)
-Itel Platinum Android v3.6.6 install
-M Dialer Platinum(Itel)
 Nokia- v2.7 install and v1.8 install
 iphone- click to install
 Samsung,Android- v3.1 install or GooglePlay
 Windows,Lumia- click to install
-M Dialer Platinum (Utel)
 Nokia v1.1 install and v1.0 install
 Samsung, Android- v1.1 install or GooglePlay
-Other Link for All
 itel express- v2.27 install
 M Dialer Itel List 25991-Express, Platinum, GooglePlay, Windows
 M Dialer Utel List- Platinum, GooglePlay
-Download and information-
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